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On the road with Java Post Aerial Photography - part 2 "Sunny Daze"

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John Denver might like sunshine on his shoulders, but, when you're trying to read a computer screen outdoors, sunshine can sometimes be a real pain in the eyes. 

Such was the case when the Java Post Aerial Photography flight crew was recently on the road recording some 4K Ultra HD video and high-resolution stills for an industrial client.

However, our crew faced the sunshine - literally - with a bright disposition. And sunglasses.

With his sunglasses in place against the bright morning sunlight, Java Post pilot, Jack Tunnicliffe, grabs a selfie in front of one of Java Post's UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and ground assistant Crystal Van Pelt.

The project required our UAV (commonly called a "drone") to photograph specific areas over specific distances. Before each flight, Java Post UAV technician and aerial camera operator, Trevor Bennett (above, shading his eyes from the sun), viewed local maps on his laptop to determine exact headings for each flight.

Of course, trying to see those detailed map images on a laptop screen in bright sunlight didn't make things any easier on Trevor's eyes. We're not quite sure if Trevor is shading his eyes from the sun or just massaging the migraine headache he's getting as he squints to see the screen.

Stay tuned for part 3 of "On the road with Java Post Aerial Photography." And next time we really dish the dirt! To view some examples of our aerial photography work, CLICK HERE.

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