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On the road with Java Post Aerial Photography - part 1"Life's a ditch and then you fly"

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The Java Post Aerial Photography flight crew recently spent a few days on the road - well, several roads, actually - working on a large industrial project.

The project had our crew capturing 4K Ultra HD video and high resolution still images, which will then be incorporated into a visual presentation to be completed sometime, pardon the pun, down the road.

Java Post UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technician and aerial camera operator Trevor Bennett prepares one of Java Post's drones for flight, while ground assistant Crystal Van Pelt checks the schedule and flight path coordinates.

As the saying goes: life's a ditch and then you fly. Something like that, anyway.

In the foreground, sitting on its launch mat, is our customized DJI S900 hexacopter - one of three primary UAVs in the Java Post Aerial Photography squadron. In the background, Trevor and Crystal make some final preparations.

Given the nature of the project, the areas to be photographed are quite specific. So Trevor uses a laptop to view local maps and determine exact headings for each flight the Java Post UAV has to make, making sure all the required area is properly captured on camera.

Stay tuned for part 2 of "On the road with Java Post Aerial Photography," where things start looking a whole lot brighter for our crew.  To view some examples of our aerial photography work, CLICK HERE.

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