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Never be late for a Java Post staff meeting!

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This past Wednesday, our editor/website/Twitter guy, Doug, was late for a staff meeting.

So our boss, Jack, aided by Kevin on visual FX and Randy on camera, decided to pull a prank on Doug, involving his new car (which he'd only had for a few days) and some big steel poles that were being installed right by Doug's parking spot.

Moral of the story: never be late for a staff meeting at Java Post!

This is the site that Doug saw in his email. His new car, crushed by a falling metal pole.

Thanks to some excellent visual FX work by Java Post's Kevin Drysdale, the close-up views of Doug's "crushed" car look frighteningly realistic, right down to the cracked headlights, distorted body panels, and bent metal on the hood.

Not to mention that, in real life, the metal pole is actually standing straight and tall.

This is what happens when you work with visual FX experts who enjoy practical jokes. They can be evil, I tell you, evil!

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