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Just another beautiful Saskatchewan day shooting UAV aerials for "Corner Gas: The Movie."

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Earlier this week, "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe (our boss, co-producer and certified UAV pilot) Tom Davidson (UAV camera operator), and co-producer Rob de Lint from Vérité Films were out in the fields near Lang, Saskatchewan, shooting some more UAV aerials for Corner Gas: The Movie.

As you can see from these photos, it was just a beautiful day to have our Javacopter up in the skies of Saskatchewan.

Here's Jack checking a few last-minute emails before launch. On the table in front of Jack is one of his most important pieces of UAV pilot equiment: his coffee.

Here's a close-up look at the top of the DJI hexacopter (6 rotor) unit we were flying that day, including the GPS antenna. Our octocopter (8 rotor) UAV should be arriving at our office in the next couple of weeks and I know that Jack is eager to get it in the air.

A lovely shot of the DJI hexacopter (AKA the Javacopter) silhouetted against the bright morning sun, with grain elevators in the background. On sunny Saskatchewan summer mornings like this, it's hard to think of anywhere else we'd rather be.

Against a brilliant field of yellow, Tom (on the left) operates the remote camera controls while Jack keeps his eyes on the Javacopter in flight.

The Javacopter in flight, shooting 4K aerial footage for Corner Gas: The Movie. Judging from the fact that the landing gear is down, the copter has either just taken off or it's coming in for a landing. When in full flight, the gear lifts up and out of the way, allowing our camera operator to pan the camera a full 360 degrees, without obstruction.

It was a long day of shooting and that means lots of battery changes. Luckily, we have lots of batters and a great charging system so, apart from battery changes (and coffee and bathroom breaks) we can stay in the air all day.

The day wasn't all aerials. Here, we see Rob (on the left) and Jack using a little hand-held unit to get some shots closer to the ground. Nice sky in the background, eh? There's a reason our provincial auto licence plate motto is "Land of Living Skies."

A closer look at Rob and Jack doing some ground-based hand-held shots.




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