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Just an ordinary day at the Java Post Production office with a confetti cannon.

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As part of pre-production for the recent commercial Java Post Production created with MGM Communications and director Stephen Hall for SaskTel's "VIP85" campaign, we had to test out a confetti cannon. Okay, we probably would have shot off the confetti cannon regardless, but calling it pre-production for the commercial shoot was a good excuse. So, off we went to the  hallway outside our office.

Java Post managing producer Randy Shumay walks by as our test subject. You never know when someone is going to take a stray piece of confetti in the eye and Randy was willing to make the sacrifice. In the lower right hand corner, multi-talented crew member Dan Crozier prepares to pull the trigger.

Shot fired! (This is a lot like watching the Zapruder film frame-by-frame, isn't it?)

It's like a cloud of butterflies heading straight for Randy.

And the test-firing was a success. So successful, in fact, that now Randy wants to have us follow him around all day and herald his arrival at meetings with showers of confetti.

Below you can see the confetti cannon in action in a few stills from the completed commercial.

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