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"Jerome Alexander: The Man Behind the Makeup" premieres this Saturday.

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Java Post Production did archive video restoration and enhancement for the Jerome Alexander documentary "The Man Behind The Makeup," which premieres this Saturday, August 22nd, on YouTube and Facebook. To watch, visit:

Released by Jerome Alexander Cosmetics, this documentary honours its charismatic founder, innovative makeup artist & teacher, Jerome Alexander, a figure whose influence had a direct impact on the global beauty industry. One of his biggest contributions to the industry was in 1976 when Jerome conceived the revolutionary idea of developing professional cosmetics brushes and applicators for home use. He then integrated these tools into “cosmetic kits” with makeup palettes so women had the makeup and tools necessary to apply their own makeup just like a professional makeup artist.

Client: Jerome Alexander Consulting Corporation
Director: Duane Andrews
Writer: Duane Andrews
Production Company: Phoenix Digital Direct

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