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Java's RED V-RAPTOR 8K Camera is already rolling

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The new RED V-RAPTOR 8K camera is already rolling at Java Post Production.

The RED V-RAPTOR 8K camera is the most powerful and advanced RED cinema camera ever. This newest addition to the Java Post Production tool kit features a groundbreaking multi-format 8K sensor with the ability to capture in 8K, 6K Super35, 4K, 3K Super16, and anamorphic options.

Plus it will deliver high-speed frame rates, including 8K 17:9 at 120 fps, 6K S35 at 198 fps, 4K 17:9 at 240 fps, and in 2K 2.4:1 up to a blazing 600 fps. (Translated for non-camera nerds: that's fast! Or slow, I guess, since the faster the frame rate, the slower the motion.)

Matched with our set of Canon CN-E prime lenses, Java Post Production's new RED V-RAPTOR 8K camera is yet another investment in highest quality production value for our clients.

It's kinda what we do.

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