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UPDATE! Java Post's own "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe's upcoming profile on CTV.

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UPDATE: The profile on Jack and Java Post Production will air on CTV Regina and CTV Saskatoon this Tuesday, October 21st at 6:00 PM and 11:30 PM, and then again Wednesday, October 22nd on the CTV Morning Live show and at 12:00 Noon.


Wow, it seems like we can't swing a coffee thermos in the Java Post Production office these days without hitting a CTV Regina news crew.

This past Tuesday, reporter Wayne Mantyka interviewed our boss, Jack Tunnicliffe, picking Jack's brain on the subject of commercial drone use. And then, the very next day, CTV Regina photographer Gareth Dillistone and reporter/anchor Darrell Romuld show up at Jack's office door to interview him for an upcoming profile.

As of this writing, we believe the profile on Jack will air on CTV next Wednesday, October 22nd, but we'll let you know for sure when it's confirmed. We know you'll want to set your PVR.

Jack will be talking about his passion for Saskatchewan post-production, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs a.k.a. drones), and his collection of porcelain figurines. Well, I'm pretty sure at least two of those topics come up. I didn't stick around for the whole interview. You'll just have to watch to find out.   

With the Javacopter UAV drone in foreground left, CTV Regina's Darrell Romuld (seated immediately to the right of the hastily-improvised blue recycling bin light stand) and Gareth Dillistone (behind the camera) get ready to roll in Jack's office.

Java Post Production owner Jack Tunnicliffe regales the news team with exciting tales of yore. Whatever yore is. Google it.

Oh, it looks like Jack is getting to the good part. There are hand gestures involved. And if he reads this post, I know just what kind of hand gesture to expect.

SPOILER ALERT: Camera guy Gareth stays in focus the entire time. We hope.

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