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Java Post Virtual Reality UAV shooting on construction sites - part 1.

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Since last summer, the Java Post Aerial Photography crew has been recording virtual reality (VR) footage at a series of construction sites in and around Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This VR project documents the on-going construction of some new schools being built in several new areas of the city.

UAV tech and camera operator, Trevor Bennett, unloads the gear from the Java Post Aerial Photography vehicle.

On location beside one of the new public school construction sites in a new subdivision of Regina.

Trevor looks pretty intense at the computer. He's either planning the precise flight route for optimum VR coverage or playing minesweeper. :)

Now at a different school construction location, you can get a better look at our virtual reality "VR" camera rig in the foreground, consisting of six GoPro cameras - five shooting horizontally and one shooting straight down. In post production, footage from the six separate cameras will be seamed together to create the virtual reality image.

To see an example of how footage from this six-camera cluster looks in its raw form, CLICK HERE.

Looks like Trevor is busy with another game of minesweeper. :)

On the roof of yet another school construction site, Java Post Aerial Photography primary pilot Jack Tunnicliffe - wearing his fall-protection gear - prepares for lift-off.

Yup. Jack is certainly cinched in tight. Safety is not always pretty. Or comfortable.

Jack's view from the roof looking down at Trevor and our UAV ready for launch.

Of course, when shooting at construction sites over the course of several seasons, you're going to run into different weather-related challenges. Like mud. Lots and lots of mud. 

And suddenly it's winter and our virtual reality aerial shooting of the school construction sites continues - including our cameras freezing in the cold. We'll tell you how we overcame that chilly challenge in part 2. 

To see examples of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.


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