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Java Post Spreads the Word About DCP Capabilities

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"Now that we've got the technology and the expertise to create pixel perfect DCPs, we want everyone to know about it!" says Jack Tunnicliffe, owner and chief colourist at Java Post.

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Jack explains the reasons for posting Java's DCP offering in this way:

1. It reflects the core values of the company. "We're passionate about quality and quality control. And we always add lots of value to every project we touch."

2. It makes DCPs accessible to independent filmmakers. "Our first DCP project (Moon Point) was for IndieCan films which is really appropriate. We really enjoy working with independent filmmakers. We love helping them get their projects onto the big screen."

3. "Money is less of an issue for the big guys, but let's face it, it's still an issue. Our DCP capabilities are exactly the same as much more expensive options which means the agencies -- or producers -- will have more money available for other things, like the media buy or P & A."


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Java Post uses the German-made FUZE -- a hardware-based system -- for its DCP conversions. "There's a whole new crop of software DCP solutions on the market, many using open-source freeware for video conversion and playback," says Trevor Bennett, Java Post's THX Certified Chief Technician. "None, of the many products I've evaluated recently, produces acceptable results." Trevor explains that, in addition to being extremely time consuming, these software systems are particularly poor at accurately reproducing the original image. "Plus, there's no reliable way to QC the end product," says Trevor. "Ensuring that all that work you did to get a great image isn't compromised in the final step before projecting it on the big screen is what it's all about."


The strategy to promote Java Post's DCP conversion service is already paying off. "The DCP projects are starting to come through the door," says Jack. "A lot of our success is due to our reputation, which is really strong across the country."

Virginia Thompson, producer of Corner Gas and InSecurity sums up that sentiment in a quote that is featured on the DCP one-sheet. "Time and time again, Java Post delivered the wow factor. They're exceptionally creative at coming up with technical solutions to complex problems."




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