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Java Post Production workshop for SMPIA


This past Saturday, April 1st (no fooling!), Java Post Production was very pleased to put on a workshop for the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA). The topic, in which Java Post is well-versed, was "post-production workflow."

Led by Java Post Production's "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe, Randy Shumay, and Kristine Dowler, more than a dozen Saskatchewan media producers and editors met in the Java Post boardroom in Regina to learn the post-production workflow techniques, tips, and tricks that we at Java Post have learned (sometimes the hard way) through decades of experience working on feature films, documentaries, television series, commercials, and corporate video projects.

A second workshop will take place in Saskatoon on April 15th. If you are interested in attending, please contact SMPIA to register. Spaces are extremely limited.

Greeting the workshop attendees at the Regina workshop were director and long-time Java Post collaborator, Stephen Hall, as well as SMPIA executive director, Ken Alecxe.

Following introductions, our three Java Post presenters spent the day taking the participants through the entire gamut (technical video colour space pun intended) of the post-production workflow process.

Workshop segments included everything from setting up the camera to avoid costly "fix it in post" issues and organizing files and the history of film and video and why a frame rate of 23.976 frames per second is not, we repeat, not the same as 23.98 frames per second...and how the heck did we end up with those and other frame rates to begin creating efficient and effective VFX (visual effects) processes and ensuring that all final deliverable files are just want the client/producer needs.

It was an intensive day of information, questions, answers, and discussions. It was also a whole lot of fun. Our trio of Java Post Production presenters look forward to doing it again on April 15th in Saskatoon.

Scroll down to see some photos from the workshop in the Java Post boardroom.

Stephen Hall greets the attendees.

Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association executive director Ken Alecxe welcomes the workshop participants, on behalf of SMPIA.

Java Post Production supervising producer/partner Randy Shumay starts off the workshop.

In this shot above, we're not sure if Java Post Production owner, colourist, DOP, VFX artist, and certified drone pilot "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe is pointing out a particular area of interest on the big projection screen...or if he's just telling Randy to get the heck out. :)

With the video feed from the DaVinci Resolve up on the big screen, Jack is able to demonstrate and share some of the many things he has learned over the years as a developmental Beta tester for DaVinci products.

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