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Java Post and GoGiraffeGo ask "33 Questions" to showcase local art fans for SaskGalleries.

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Java Post Production collaborated with GoGiraffeGo to showcase three local art fans for SaskGalleries - the Saskatchewan Professional Art Galleries Association.

The goal of these videos is to illustrate (pardon the artsy pun) the fact that original artworks by Saskatchewan artists are not just things to display in galleries. On the contrary, original works by Saskatchewan artists are meant to be in everyone's home - including yours - bringing colour, creativity, and life to your living space.

In each video, off-camera interviewer Sabrina Heywood enters the home of each of our three featured art fans - Evie, Karey, and Travis - and asks a series of 33 questions. These were all captured in a single continuous moving camera take, start to finish.

The video above shows edited excerpts from two of the three video projects.

To see all three videos in their entirety go to

The first of the three video projects was "33 Questions with Evie." Each video begins with our camera walking into the home of the featured art fan.

Above, Evie shows us some of the original Saskatchewan artwork on display in her home.

A former golf scholarship student at the University of Montana, Evie found time during her one-take interview to demonstrate the perfect putting technique.

The Java Post and GoGiraffeGo gang take a moment to appreciate the original art in Evie's home.

Next up was "33 Questions with Karey."

Karey shows us the first piece of original art she and her husband ever purchased.

Once again, the Java Post and GoGiraffeGo crew take a moment for some serious art appreciation.

The third of the three videos was "33 Questions with Travis."

We first meet Travis in his very colourful and eclectic home garage, which is almost an art gallery of its own. It sure doesn't look like most home garages we've ever seen.

Once inside his home, Travis poses in front of his favourite piece of artwork.

Everyone should take a few moments every day to appreciate some great original artwork from talented Saskatchewan artists...

...however, the whacky camera poses afterward are completely optional.


CLICK ON THE "RELATED PROJECT" ABOVE for edited excerpts from two of the three video projects.

Client: SaskGalleries
Agency: GoGiraffeGo
Production Company: Java Post Production
Producer: Brita Lind
Interviewer: Sabrina Heywood
Director of Photography: Jack Tunnicliffe
Editors: Kristine Dowler, Doug Russell
Colour Grading: Jack Tunnicliffe

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