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Java Post has been invaded by a Ronin!

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A Ronin has invaded the Java Post Production office! What's a Ronin, you ask? Well, Wikipedia describes a Ronin as a samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period of Japan, between 1185 and 1868. "Ronin" is also the title of a 1998 spy thriller action film, starring Robert De Niro.

But for Java Post Aerial Photography, the Ronin is the latest, greatest camera stabilization system, which can be used for both unmanned aerial photography as well as ground-based "Stedi-cam style" hand-held photography.

The Ronin comes with its own camera control unit and is compatible with any of the latest high-end digital cameras, such as RED and Blackmagic. The universal baseplate can accommodate any camera and, combined with the 20 kilogram lifting power of Java Post's new K130 Kraken octocopter, Java Post Aerial Photography can take your project's visuals to new - and very stable - heights!

Like a samurai's katana sword, Java Post's new Ronin camera stabilization system is cutting edge!

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