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Java Post get "Dangerous" with Scott Eastwood, Mel Gibson, and Tyrese Gibson for Minds Eye Entertainment.

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Java Post Production colourist Jack Tunnicliffe recently completed final colour grading on the upcoming Minds Eye Entertainment thriller Dangerous, starring Scott Eastwood, Mel Gibson, and Tyrese Gibson.

Dangerous will be released in theaters as well as on-demand on November 5.

Dangerous follows the story of an ex-convict and reformed sociopath named Dylan Forrester (Eastwood), who is attempting to live his life as a parolee in peace and quiet — albeit with the help of his psychiatrist (Mel Gibson). However, when he learns of his brother's death, something about it doesn't feel right — and Dylan decides to break the rules (and his parole) in an attempt to learn the truth about what happened.

In addition to Eastwood, Gibson, and Gibson, Dangerous stars Famke Janssen as the FBI agent hot on Dylan's heels, as well as Kevin Durand. The film is directed by Saw V helmer David Hackl and written by Christopher Borrelli.

Dangerous is produced by Kevin DeWalt and Ben DeWalt for Minds Eye Entertainment and by Doug Falconer for Falconer Pictures, with Michael Benaroya executive producing for his Benaroya Pictures and Todd Shepherd executive producing for Miscellaneous Entertainment.


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