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Java Post Corner Gas Aerial Selfies

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The Java Post Production aerial photography crew has spent the last couple of days traveling in southern Saskatchewan, scouting potential shooting locations for Corner Gas: The Movie. While the crew was out and about, they grabbed a couple of "selfies," javacopter-style.

On the left is Corner Gas: The Movie Saskatchewan Producer (and Javacopter pilot) Jack Tunnicliffe at the controls, and on the right is Location Manager Murray MacDonald.

Hmmm...perhaps selfies taken with the Javacopter aren't quite as effective as we envisioned.

Yep, definitely getting more of a "Where's Waldo?" kind of vibe.

Pro tip: If you need to add a brightly coloured arrow to identify where you are in a selfie, it's probably not an effective selfie. Still, as selfies go, it's a darn nice view from up here. And definitely no need to comb your hair before taking one of these selfies, so there's a bonus.

We'll keep updating you on more of Java Post Production's involvement with Corner Gas: The Movie as shooting and post-production continues.

To connect with the Corner Gas: The Movie website, CLICK HERE, follow @CornerGas on Twitter with hashtag #CornerGasMovie, or check out

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