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Java Post catches a train for Discovery Channel's "Mighty Trains."

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In October 2015 the Java Post Aerial Photography crew did some shooting for Exploration Production Inc., for the  Discovery Channel program Mighty Trains. The Mighty series of programs - Mighty Ships, Mighty Cruise Ships, Mighty Planes, and now Mighty Trains - is seen in over 140 countries.

Our task was to capture some aerial footage of a specific VIA Rail train that was being featured in the Mighty Trains episode. So our two-person flight crew headed out to locations near the prairie towns of Punnichy and Raymore, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The crew got there in plenty of time and, while waiting for the one featured passenger train to arrive, about half a dozen freight trains passed by. So, just for practice, our UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, AKA "drone") crew did a test shot of one of the passing freight trains, which you can see in the short video above.

Watch for our flight crew to make a "guest appearance" in this shot. A "dronie," as it's called. Also known as "hey guys, get out of the shot."

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Trevor sets up our DJI S900 near the train tracks outside of Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The tracks were busy that morning, as Trevor watched half a dozen freight trains roll past while they waited for the featured VIA Rail train to arrive.

Here's a "dronie" of our two person camera crew - Trevor Bennett (camera operator/technician) in the red and Jack Tunnicliffe (certified UAV pilot) in the blue - captured by our UAV's camera as the crew did a test shoot on one of the passing freight trains.

You'll note that our pilot, Jack (in the blue), has his back to the approaching train. That's because he's keeping his eyes on the UAV. Transport Canada regulations require a UAV pilot to maintain visual line of sight - or VLOS - with a UAV.

And with our flight crew disappearing into the distance, our UAV tracked (pardon the pun) alongside the freight train and watched it chug off into the prairie horizon. This was a good practice flight for when our "star" train passed by later.

But, to see the footage we captured of the featured VIA Rail train, you'll just have to wait to watch it on an upcoming episode of Mighty Trains, on the Discovery Channel.

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