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Java Post behind-the-scenes on the Naaman Roosevelt Roughrider shoot for SaskTel.

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Java Post Production teamed up recently with director Stephen Hall and advertising agency LMNO to create a new campaign for SaskTel. As major sponsors of the Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders.

SaskTel wanted this campaign to have a strong "Rider" theme, so the commercial juxtaposed scenes of Roughrider receiver Naaman Roosevelt preparing for a game with scenes of Rider fans preparing for a game.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos, along with how the shots looked in the finished commercial.

The Java Post Production crew sets up a shot inside the home of a pair of Rider fans (right).

One of our two Directors of Photography (DOPs) on this project, Layton Burton, frames up the shot of our two Rider fans taking a selfie before the big game.

Here's how that shot looked in the final commercial.

In a dark "man-cave," the crew sets up for a couple of shots of a Rider fan watching the big game on his big-screen TV, thanks to his SaskTel MaxTV service.

A closer look at the camera (right) looking over the shoulder of our Rider fan as he watches the game on TV. The TV set is just on a blue screen. Footage of an actual Saskatchewan Roughrider game will be added onto the TV in post-production.

Here's our Rider fan in the finished commercial,  just before he reaches across the couch for his SaskTel MaxTV remote.

And here he is watching the Rider game on TV in the finished commercial. Remember, he's actually just looking at a blue screen. The game footage was added in afterwards at Java Post Production.

Over at Mosaic Stadium, our crew shoots a scene of a fan running up the stadium steps to her seat. You can sort of make out our camera person half hidden on the far right of the photo.

And this is the camera lens view of how this shot appeared in the final commercial.

Now for some more shots from the finished commercial. In the Rider exercise room, Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Naaman Roosevelt stretches it out.

Naaman is suited up and ready to hit the field.

Naaman Roosevelt inside the Rider team exit tunnel, about to take the field.

The commercial ends with the SaskTel logo up on the giant SaskTel MaxTron screen in Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders!

The whole commercial gets a big, blurry double-thumbs-up from DOP Layton Burton!

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