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Java Post behind the scenes at the SaskTel ShareMORE commercial.

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Working with MGM Communications, Java Post Production recently produced the latest commercial for SaskTel. Entitled "shareMORE," the commercial was directed by Stephen Hall and shot at the Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos taken during the shoot.

With large lighting fixtures, a camera crane, the set, and room to accommodate production personnel and representatives from the advertising agency and client, our shooting set up took up a fair amount of space inside the sound stage.

Atop a ladder in the right of the frame, DOP (director of photography) Peter LaRocque aims a lighting fixture down onto the set below. In addition to his DOP skills, Peter has extensive credits as a gaffer/lighting technician. So if a light needs tweaking on set Peter's just the guy to do it.

Look waaaay up and you'll see camera assistant Todd Irving perched at the end of the camera crane, adjusting the RED RAVEN camera.

And this is what the actors on the bedroom set would see, if they looked straight up towards the camera.

In this shot, you can get a good sense of the size of the camera crane and how the camera is positioned directly above the set. In the camera monitor located in the centre-right of the image, you can see the shot the camera is capturing.

Director Stephen Hall (left) checks the shot framing in the camera monitor as camera assistant Todd Irving looks on.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, as you can see here, it takes a lot of people (production crew, ad agency creative staff, and client representatives - not to mention the actors) to raise a commercial.

Filled with 5 people and a dog, that is one crowded bed. Director Stephen Hall (right) makes a final adjustment to the set decor before the camera rolls. Notice how the bed in this scene is actually sitting on blue wooden crates, known in the production biz as "apple boxes." Obviously, those won't been seen by the overhead camera.

Our set decorating crew must have had some fun creating this messy bedroom. Actually, it might just be an exact re-creation of our set decorator's bedroom.

After two long days of shooting, Java Post producer Randy Shumay needed a bit of a lie-down. Lucky for him there was a bed close at hand.

Below are a couple of images taken from the finished SaskTel commercial.

Agency: MGM Communications
Producer: Randy Shumay
Director: Stephen Hall
Director of Photography: Peter LaRocque
Art Director: Jay Robertson
Editors: Stephen Hall, Doug Russell
Colour Grading: Jack Tunnicliffe
Music: Friends of Foes 

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