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Java Post Aerial Photography wings its way over the K+S Potash Canada Legacy mine with Provincial Airways.

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Our Java Post Aerial Photography crew swapped our drone for a Provincial Airways Cessna for a recent project at the K+S Potash Canada Legacy Mine site near Bethune, Saskatchewan.

This particular aerial photography job required us to take photographs from 5,000 feet, much higher than the usual 400-foot altitude that is legally allowed by Transport Canada and NAV CANADA for licensed professional drone flights.

No problem. Cue our friends at Provincial Airways near Moose Jaw.

Our pilot, James Pottage, goes through his pre-flight checks. We hope one of the things on the checklist involves in-flight snacks and coffee because the Java Post Aerial Photography crew can get grumpy without those.

James points out our destination in the distance. Thank goodness he knows where we're going because, to us ground-pounders, everything looks the same from up here.

At 5,000 feet, Java Post chief drone pilot and photographer "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe opens the window to begin the first of many photography passes over the mine site. As you can tell from Jack's clothing and headwear, opening up the window at 5,000 feet also involves a rather powerful and refreshing blast of air entering the passenger compartment.

From high about the K+S Potash Canada Legacy Mine site, Jack lines up a shot.

For this particular aerial photography project, Jack is using a Sony AR Mark 3 camera, allowing Java Post to capture 42-megapixel photos, which are ideal for projects like this where very high resolution large format images are required.

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