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Java Post Aerial Photography on location with "The Adventure Club."

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This past Friday, the Java Post Aerial Photography crew was out on location for the first day of shooting with The Adventure Club movie crew.

The Adventure Club is the story of a boy who discovers an ancient puzzle box and, with the help of his friends, begins an adventure to find his fortune. The movie is directed by Geoff Anderson, written by Robin Dunne and Fred Ewanuik and produced by Trilight Entertainment.

Here's our UAV tech and camera operator, Trevor Bennett, on location at an old greenhouse facility near the Wascana Golf Course in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. As with all our aerial projects that take place within the 9 kilometre aerodrome exclusion zone, Java Post Aerial Photography worked with NAV CANADA to issue a NOTAM (notice to airmen), alerting local air traffic control and  all nearby aircraft of our flight plans for the shoot. In addition, during our flights, our crew stayed in on-going direct radio contact with the local air traffic control tower. Safety first.

While the main shooting crew goes about their business in the background, Trevor sets up the UAV controllers. In the foreground is one of several different UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) flown by Java Post Aerial Photography. This particular unit is a customized DJI S800 model.

Oh yes. I guess these movies do some shooting from ground level, too. Here, the movie's director, Geoff Anderson (left), observes as director of photography Ken Krawczyk sets up a camera shot.

Okay, time for the guy with that little clappy thing to do his job. We apologize for going all "film talk" on you there.

And, with the roll of a camera and the roll of bicycle wheels, the shooting officially begins for The Adventure Club.

Once the ground-based shooting on this scene is completed, it'll be time for Java Post Aerial Photography to take to the air and give the scene a whole new perspective.

To view some of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.


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