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Java Post Aerial Photography - High Flying Action

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This high-flying, fast-moving demo features a wide range of clips captured by Java Post Aerial Photography. We have been a part of many great projects and had a lot of fun along the way.

Java Post Aerial Photography is a Transport Canada-certified commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operator, located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Please contact us via email HERE or by calling 1-306-777-1050.

We utilize three UAVs for our work: a DJI S900 hexacopter, a DJI Inspire, and a Kraken K130 Octocopter. All units provide stabilized 4K video footage and still images using a variety of cameras and lenses, as well as HD broadcast to ground using DJI Light Bridge technology.

To view more examples of our aerial photography, as well as many other examples of our production, post-production, visual FX, and animation work in commercials, industrial and corporate videos, television series, and feature films, please CLICK HERE.

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