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Java Post Aerial Demo in Winnipeg.

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This past Sunday at the William F. White offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Java Post Aerial Photography crew gave a presentation on using UAVs ("drones") for film and television photography. The presentation included ground displays of our various UAV units, a Q & A session, and - despite high winds and "iffy" weather - a UAV flight demonstration. We thank everyone who came out to join us and talk about UAVs for film and television production.

Our special thanks goes to Craig Aftanas, the operations manager and regional inventory coordinator at William F. White, for being a great host and letting us play in (and over) his building.

To get more information about Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE. To see some examples of our work, CLICK HERE.

Getting the Java Post Aerial Photography vehicle packed up for our road trip to Winnipeg. Because this is a presentation, we're taking a lot more gear (plus one more person) than we normally take on an average aerial job. From the look on Trevor Bennett's face, he's not convinced we can fit it all in.

But it all fits! It's kind of like the ancient Incas packed it, as you'd have a hard time slipping a knife blade in between the gear.

And we're on the road to Winnipeg. Jack Tunnicliffe is behind the wheel, Trevor is riding shotgun...

...and Doug Russell is fast asleep in the back. Typical.

A panorama shot as we set up at the William F. White offices in Winnipeg. Minus the TV and tables, how'd we ever fit all this in the van?

Trevor and Jack do a little indoor flight test of our DJI Inspire UAV before our guests arrive. And we discovered that flying a UAV indoors is a great way to sweep dust off concrete floors (cough, cough). The Inspire was just one of three separate UAV units we brought along for this presentation. Also on display were our DJI S900 and our Freefly ALTA.

Following the main part of our ground presentation and a Q&A session, it was time to do a little flying outdoors.

The weather wasn't the greatest and the wind gusts were on the high side, but the demo flight went off without any problems. Prior to arriving in Winnipeg, our crew had arranged clearance with NAV CANADA and the Winnipeg International Airport (located about a kilometre away) and had issued a NOTAM (notice to airmen) of when we would be conducting flight operations, in what area we would be flying, and at what maximum altitude (in this case, a maximum of 200 feet above ground level). In addition, Jack was in contact with the Winnipeg International Airport control tower immediately prior to and after our flight, so that the air traffic controllers and all aircraft in the area would be aware that Java Post Aerial Photography was conducting flight operations.

Some of our guests chose to watch the live UAV camera feed on a large monitor we had set up inside the William F. White building (off camera to the left), while others preferred to watch the actual UAV flying in the skies above.

Trevor, seen here, controls the UAV's camera gimbal while Jack concentrates on piloting the craft. Together, they coordinate their movements to capture the specific camera angles and camera moves required by the director and/or client.

A view of the back of the William F. White offices in Winnipeg, with Trevor (left) and Jack in the distance. You can also spot our launch and landing area, which is indicated by red safety cones to keep onlookers at a safe distance.

Jack brings the UAV closer to its landing area, because...'s time for a group "dronie!" Give us a wave, everybody, and thank you very much for coming out!

Back at the hotel bar, the Java Post Aerial Photography crew celebrates a good day in Winnipeg with a toast. We're safe to do this because we're not flying and we're not driving.

A few triple-espressos the next morning to start the day...

...and we're back on the road headed home to Regina. This time, Trevor is behind the wheel, Jack is riding shotgun...

...and Doug is once again asleep in the back. Life on the road takes a lot out of a guy, apparently.








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