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Java Post Aerial - Behind The Scenes - Harry Sheppard video shoot in field

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This is a brief behind the scenes video taken on August 13, 2014, showing the Java Post Aerial Photography crew working on a shot for Sheppard Realty. The location was an oat field about an hour outside of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. And, boy, was it windy! It was just about as windy and gusty as it could be and still be flyable conditions.

For this shoot we were using our customized DJI 6-rotor hexacopter UAV (AKA "drone"). Our certified pilot is Jack Tunnicliffe (in the blue shirt) and our camera operator and technician is Trevor Bennett (in the not blue shirt).

Java Post Aerial Photography has an open SFOC permit from Transport Canada to operate commercially within the province of Saskatchewan.

Here Jack (in blue shirt) pilots the Javacopter in the strong, gusty winds. Trevor (far left) is at the controls of the on-board 4K Ultra HD camera.

The shot involved passing over the front of the client's pickup truck and tracking alongside the client as he walked into the field to conduct a soil examination. That's why the client - Harry Sheppard of Sheppard Realty - is carrying a shovel.

At first our crew was worried the shovel meant Harry had led us to a secluded field to kill us and bury us. But a farmland soil examination makes much more sense. We really need to stop re-watching the last scenes of the movie "Casino."

Here's Jack (left) bringing the Javacopter down for a smooth, safe landing on the grid road. As you saw in the video, the gusty wind made this a challenging shoot, but we're quite pleased with the results. 

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