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Java Post Aerial - Behind The Scenes - Harry Sheppard Farm House Aerial Shoot

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This is another brief behind the scenes video taken on August 13, 2014, showing the Java Post Aerial Photography crew working on a rural real estate project for Sheppard Realty. The property being featured was a farm an hour outside of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

For this shoot we were using our customized DJI 6-rotor hexacopter UAV (AKA "drone"). Our certified pilot is Jack Tunnicliffe (in the blue shirt) and our camera operator and technician is Trevor Bennett (in the not blue shirt).

More examples of our aerial work can be viewed HERE. Below are a few still images taken from this behind the scenes video.

Here, Jack (left) and Trevor (right) begin shooting low-level aerial footage of the real estate location.

Java Post Aerial Photography allows real estate agents to capture their properties on 4K Ultra HD video and high-resolution stills, showcasing the properties from unique, eye-catching angles.

Full flight telemetry and camera image is sent to the control system on the ground. A separate client viewing monitor allows clients to see what the camera sees. If you look at the monitor, you'll see that the camera is currently seeing...

...THIS image. As you can see, Java Post Aerial Photography is a highly effective and impressive way to showcase real estate properties, such as this one for Sheppard Realty. It also makes for really good "home quarter" farm photos.

Here we see Jack, a certified UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) pilot, keeping an eye on our Javacopter as he and Trevor work together to position the hexacopter to get the best view for the next camera shot. In the background is our client for this project, the hard working rural real estate expert, Harry Sheppard of Sheppard Realty.

After capturing great aerial images of the property, Jack and Trevor bring the Javacopter in for a landing.

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