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Java Post adds a new perspective to CTV Saskatchewan News commercials.

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Java Post Production recently assisted CTV Saskatchewan in the creation of its news promotion campaign for Regina and Saskatoon. Our Java Post "Javacopter" and our Steadi-Arm unit were utlized to bring eye-catching perspectives to some of the shots used in the finished commercials.

For example, in the CTV Regina promo, Javacopter images can be seen in the opening shot of the Legislature Building and Queen Elizabeth II Gardens, the downtown Regina office buildlings and a shot of a CTV reporter and camera person doing a "stand-up" on the Albert Street Bridge. Our Steadi-Arm was used to capture the smooth dolly-like ending shot of the CTV Regina news team.

In the CTV Saskatoon commercial, the Javacopter was used to capture aerial images of the Bessborough Hotel, bustling vehicle traffic and a shot of a reporter loading gear out of a CTV News vehicle.

To view the CTV Regina News promo, click on the gold "Watch" button higher up on this page. To view the CTV Saskatoon News promo, Click Here.

Below are two screen-grabs from the finished promos (courtesy of CTV Saskatchewan) that show the Javacopter view of the Legislative Building / Queen Elizabeth II Gardens in Regina and the Bessborough Hotel and riverbank area of Saskatoon.


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Java Shot

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