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Java Post 3D animation creates the perfect pair for SaskTel

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Java Post Production worked with advertising agency Taxi and director Stephen Hall to create two 3D animated commercials to promote SaskTel's "perfect pair" internet and streaming video package.

The talents of Java Post animator Tomás Ibar were put to great use as he developed photo-realistic textures for the four edible substances featured across the two commercials: peanut butter, jam, milk, and chocolate chip cookies.

Tomás did all the 3D modeling, simulation, texturing, lighting, rendering, and composition. And the end results were, shall we say, visually delicious.

In the upper right of the image above you can see the original photogrammety shot of a chocolate chip cookie. Using this for reference, Tomás then created a 3D computer version of the cookie, adding a cutout of the number 5, which is revealed with the rest of the cookie falls away. And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

In the image above you can see the textures of both the peanut butter and jam materials that Tomás needed to create for the commercial. In the finished commercial you'll see that Tomás created the realistic appearance of peanut butter being spread across a surface, and the jiggly, slightly sticky and gooey texture of the jam. Tomás never said what exact flavour of jam he created (we don't have "Taste-O-Vision" yet), but we're going with strawberry or raspberry.

For the one version of the spot that begins with a peanut shell cracking open to reveal peanut butter inside, Jack Tunnicliffe used a table-top light box to take a series of photos of peanuts and peanut shells.

During this part if the process, there were more than a few "we work for peanuts" jokes going around the office.

Through a process called photogrammetry, a series of high-resolution two-dimensional photos is turned into a 3D object, allowing complete viewing all around the object. These photogrammetry images were used our animator Tomás to create the outer texture of the 3D peanut shell.

Director Stephen Hall reviews the photo images, searching for the one that will work best.

Java Post animator Tomás Ibar incorporates the peanut shell texture into the 3D animation.

For another of these animated "Perfect Pair" commercials, freshly-baked, jumbo-size chocolate chip cookies were uses as visual references.

The best part came after the reference photos had been completed, when the Java Post Production staff got to eat the cookies. So, if SaskTel wants to do another "perfect pair" commercial featuring, and beer, the Java Post staff is happy to do it.

Client: SaskTel
Agency: Taxi
Production Company: Java Post Production
Producer: Randy Shumay
Director: Stephen Hall
Animator: Tomás Ibar
Photographer/Photogrammetry: Jack Tunnicliffe
Audio Mix: Twisted Pair

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