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Java Javampire Lunch!

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Never wanting to let any excuse for silly costumes and good food get by us, today was the annual Halloween Lunch at the Java Post Production offices.

The scary menu reflected the dark side of some of the Java team. We're trying not to read too much into it, since we figure the required therapy (and potential forensic investigation) might take too much time. Better to just leave things alone, not ask questions and hope the parties involved don't suddenly SNAP during an edit session with the client. Let's just say there's a reason we don't allow sharp objects into the suites.

Hey, here's a Halloween joke for you: If Angels get harps, what do Evil Spirits get?

Theramins. (OoooEEEEEEoooooooEEEEEEooooooo).

Lunch Menu:

APPETIZERS: Crunchy Giant's Toenails, Bloodshot Pickled Eyeballs, Monster Puke & Bat Scales, Mouldy Cheese

MAIN COURSE: Witch's Stew with Crusty Ogre Ears

DESSERT: Chocolate Covered Spiders

BEVERAGE: Witch's Eyeball Brew

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