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Java Aerial USBs Are Winging Across The Prairies!

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A veritable flock of winged messengers will soon be flying into offices across the Prairie provinces.

Java Post Aerial Photography is sending out promotional packages to advertising agencies and film and television production companies throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta.

We're touting our wares...blowing our horn...and just generally sharing our enthusiasm for gorgeous aerial photography.

And, because not just any old promotional gift would do, we created special custom Java Post Aerial Photography "wings" USB. They're certain to be one the most "wing-y" USB drives in your collection!

Each custom-designed 8GB Java Post Aerial Photography "wings" USB comes loaded with an informational PDF and several demo movies showcasing our aerial work.

But wait, there's more!

Recipients will also receive a customized metal carrying case, suitable for either transporting your winged USB in foam-lined comfort...or perhaps for storing breath mints, paper clips, or treasured mementos of times gone by. You know, like the special time you shared a breath mint and a paper clip with your high school sweetheart.

We'd love to be the aerial team on your next feature, series, documentary, commercial, corporate, industrial, or sports project. Give us a call and let Java Post Aerial Photography help you get your project off the ground.

Operators are standing by!

It looks like our multi-talented Maureen Bennett is beginning to be barricaded behind the dozens and dozens of Java Post Aerial Photography promotional packages to be mailed out across Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.

PS: And when we said "operators are standing by" - Maureen is one of them.

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