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It's Joan's Birthday! Yay!

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We're putting on the party hats (well, figuratively and PhotoShop speaking) and eating hot dogs and cheese doodles (literally) because today is the birthday of our Managing Producer, Joan Speirs! Yay!

Joan won't tell us her age but she does remember back when hot dogs were filled with actual identifiable meat. 

Seated clockwise around the Java Post boardroom table starting in the lower left: Trevor Bennett, Jack Tunnicliffe, Elaine Schaeffer, Joan "Birthday Girl" Speirs, Tomás Ibar, Karen Plumb (not technically seated right at the boardroom table but close enough) and Kevin Drysdale.

Not pictured: Randy Shumay (late to the party), Maureen Bennett (busy getting more food ready for the gang) and Doug Russell (because someone had to take the picture).

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