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Harvard Developments - Aerial and Ground Photography by Java Post.

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A presentation video created by Java Post Production and Java Post Aerial Photography for Harvard Developments.

Using a combination of aerial drone photography, time-lapse photography, and ground-based photography using a 3-axis camera stabilizing system (shot on foot and also from a camera vehicle), the Java Post crew was able to capture impressive views of the Harvard Developments buildings in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Certified UAV drone pilot: Jack Tunnicliffe
UAV drone tech/camera operator: Trevor Bennett
Ronin and time-lapse photography: Jack Tunnicliffe
Editor/colourist: Jack Tunnicliffe

An aerial view of downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada from the Java Post Aerial Photography UAV ("drone").

In order to conduct safe flight operations in the heart of downtown Regina, the Java Post Aerial Photography crew used the top levels of downtown parking lots as the launch and landing sites. A very experienced group, Java Post Aerial Photography is fully certified by Transport Canada for work across the country, including night flights and operations within restricted airspace.

Above and below you can see a couple of the unique aerial views of some of the Harvard Developments buildings in downtown Regina.

In addition to shooting the buildings from the air, the Java Post crew used a camera stabilization system to photograph the buildings from ground level. These shots were done on foot, as well as from our camera vehicle.

Above and below are some examples of the architectural images we captured with from ground level.

Above you see another unique aerial perspective of these buildings, provided by the Java Post crew.

And we all end with a wave to the camera as we bring our drone in for a landing. Java Post thanks Matt Geiger, Marketing and Communications, Harvard Developments, and Sasha Mitchell, Marketing and Communications Assistant, Harvard Developments, for making this such a fun and enjoyable project.

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