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Ground test of Java Post's newest Aerial Photography UAV: the Freefly ALTA

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Before Java Post Aerial Photography launches our latest UAV - the Freefly ALTA - into the skies, our UAV technician, Trevor Bennett, has to put the unit through its paces on the ground. As any experienced UAV operator will tell you, a lot more time is spent on the shop bench doing maintenance (both pre and post-flight) than is ever spent in the air. That's a very important part of safe and prudent flight operations. And, as you can see in the video above, our new Freefly ALTA is not short on lifting power.

With the camera gimbal mounted, Trevor took the UAV into our indoor test area at Java Post.

No camera was mounted on the gimbal (seen hanging beneath the UAV) as this was just a test of the main rotor systems.

How do you conduct full-throttle motor tests of a UAV indoors and still keep things safe? Simple, you screw the UAV to the floor so that sucker won't fly away. Our UAV tech Trevor is no dummy. "Take off, eh?" might be a classic Canadian phrase, but this is neither the time nor place for that to actually happen.

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