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Gremsy Gimbal Gets Great Greeting at Java Post!

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Golly, there were lots of "Gs" in that title. Great going, guys!

Java Post Production recently took possession of a new Gremsy gStabi H-16 3-axis camera gimbal. We'll use this on our new Freefly ALTA UAV to fly cameras like our new RED RAVEN 4.5K camera, providing our motion picture, television, commercial, and corporate clients with even more amazing aerial images.

Here's the Gremsy gStabi H-16 unit, fresh out of the box. Hmmm...with a name like "gee, stabby," you'd think there would be lots of sharp pointy bits.

Oh, pardon me a moment...yes...okay...I understand...yes, I'll tell them...well, it seems that the "Stabi" name actually stands for "stabilization" and not, as I first thought, "stabbing." That makes a lot more sense, come to think of it. 

Our UAV tech - and one of our certified UAV pilots - Trevor Bennett starts prepping the new Gremsy gimbal for installation on our Freefly ALTA, the latest addition to our Java Post Aerial Photography UAV squadron.

And here is a close-up shot of the Gremsy gStabi H-16 carrying our Blackmagic Design Cinema 4K camera.

Java Post Aerial Photography's new Freefly ALTA UAV, now equipped with a Gremsy gStabi H-16 gimbal. We're looking forward to getting this new bird in the air!

To view some of the aerial work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.

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