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Go Big or Go Bigger!

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Remember the old days when directors, producers, ad agency reps, clients and post-production editors would all huddle together around a little 27-inch reference monitor?

Thankfully, those days are long gone. Go big or go bigger, that's our motto. Okay, it's not really our motto, but it should be!

We just hooked up our latest large-screen viewing monitor in the edit suite/office of Java Post's poobah, Jack Tunnicliffe. (Unwritten rule: the boss always gets the new toys first.) It's 55 inches of eye-pleasing pleasure. (The monitor, not the boss.)

Standing in - or, in this case, sitting in - for Jack in the photo below is Java Post's resident animation guru, Kevin Drysdale.

The Java Post team will also be taking this big-screen baby out on the road, as we travel around to various trade shows this year.

Wish us luck, because just the road case for this monitor weighs 65 - count 'em, 65 - pounds.

In fact, we bet you'll be able to identify the Java Post team at trade shows by the size of our biceps. Or maybe by the unnatural curve of our spines.

At least, that's our hunch.

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