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Go behind the scenes with Java Post and lmno on the set of SaskTel's "Be Kind Online" commercial.

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Go behind the scenes on the set of SaskTel's recent "Be Kind Online" campaign.

Produced by Java Post Production, the commercial was lead by advertising agency lmno, directed by Stephen Hall, and shot by Mark Dobrecu. For an extended crew list, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Click on the "Related Project" video to see the finished commercial.

Scroll down to view some behind-the-scenes photos.

Much of the commercial was shot against a green-screen background at the Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios in Regina. Given the size of our green-screen and lighting set up (see above photo), the large work space at the sound stage was ideal.

Tomás Ibar and Kristine Dowler of Java Post on set. Kristine and Tomás would create illustrations and animation for the commercial, so it was important that they be on set during shooting in order to address any questions or concerns that might pop up later in the post-production process.

Director Stephen Hall (right) ensures that the representatives from SaskTel and lmno have a good view of the client camera monitor.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, judging from number of people in the photo above, it also takes a village to shoot a commercial.

On the green-screen set, two of our featured actors from Edge Agency wait for their cues.

Silhouetted in the foreground, director Stephen Hall (left) and director of photography Mark Dobrescu record a take.

Mark ponders the image on the camera and Stephen watches on his wireless director's monitor. You can almost smell the concentration.

With shooting at the sound stage completed, director Stephen poses with our Edge Agency actors.

Earlier that day, while on location at a local high school, Stephen explains the shooting plan to the lmno agency representatives, cast, and crew.

Kristine holds up the camera slate for DOP (director of photography) Mark. Yes, even in the digital camera age, the camera slate is still needed to help synchronize separate video and audio recordings. Of course, the camera slate is now digital, too. No more catching fingers in the slate clapper.

Using a hand-held camera while riding a camera dolly, Mark (right) records the last scene for the commercial. Which, paradoxically, was the first thing we shot. It's rare that any video project is shot in the same sequence it will appear. This is why Java Post has editors.

Off to the side, the members of the lmno and SaskTel creative teams observe the action (photo above and below).

Click on the "Related Project" video to see the finished commercial.

Client: SaskTel
Agency: lmno
Production Company: Java Post Production
Producers: Randy Shumay, Dana Lesiuk
Director: Stephen Hall
Director of Photography: Mark Dobrescu
Editor: Doug Russell
Animation: Tomás Ibar
Illustrations: Kristine Dowler
Colour Grading: Jack Tunnicliffe
Music: Jared Robinson/Nebulus Entertainment
Sound Mix: Twisted Pair

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