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Getting Real (Estate) with a farm sale video for Sheppard Realty.

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This is a short promotional video we produced for showcasing a specific farm property for sale in Saskatchewan.

Java Post Production took a number of still photos for use on the realtor's website, as well as video footage inside the house and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) footage of the house exterior and farm yard area, taken with our "Javacopter."

For spotlighting premium real estate properties or properties that encompass a lot of area such as acreages, farms, ranches or farmland/pasture, a video such as this one we produced for Sheppard Realty can really enhance a realtor's sales promotion.

If you click on the Related Project link above, you can watch a little behind the scenes video of how we used our Javacopter to shoot aerial footage of the house and yard.


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