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Fog, Fly-Pasts, and Dronies with Java Post Aerial Photography

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A recent real estate aerial shoot for Hungerford Properties got off to a foggy start for our Java Post Aerial Photography crew. Watch the video above to go behind the scenes.

Thick fog is pretty unusual for this shooting location and the forecast, naturally, mentioned nothing. But we thought we'd try to get at least some shooting done.

As you can see in the images above and below, the fog made it hard to see the property at times. Not exactly the best footage to market a piece of real estate. Unless you add spooky music and sell the property to a Halloween company.

Well, after making a couple of attempts, our aerial crew decided to abort the mission and wait for the fog to burn off. Not only was the footage looking pretty ghostly, but our crew was also concerned about safely operating our UAV in limited visibility. Better to be safe than sorry, so we grounded ourselves until the fog lifted.

Thankfully, the sun came out shiny brightly a couple of hours later and our Java Post Aerial Photography crew was able to get back in the air and resume capturing footage for our client, Hungerford Properties.

Camera operator/UAV technician/secondary pilot Trevor Bennett (left) and primary UAV pilot, Jack Tunnicliffe, monitor the UAV (one of several UAVs used by Java Post) as it rises over the property.

During our shoot, we were treated to a private fly-past by a real helicopter. The helicopter pilot kept safely away from us thanks to the NOTAM (notice to airmen) that, as standard practice, we had arranged in advance with NAVCANADA and the Regina Airport Control Tower. The NOTAM informs all other aircraft of our flight plans in that airspace, so everyone is aware of each other and operates within safe parameters.

Despite the gloomy, foggy start, the day turned into an excellent one for flying, with bright sun, blue skies, and not too much wind.

There. These are much better views of the property! It doesn't look like it's located on the misty moors of Scotland anymore.

This is one big building!

Time for Trevor and Jack to bring our bird in for a landing.

Our UAV hovers overhead, ready for landing. This particular UAV  - one of several different UAVs used by Java Post Aerial Photography - is a customized DJI S900, equipped with a 3-axis stablized gimbal and recording 4K Ultra HD footage.

But first, it's time for a "dronie" of the crew below. (There's always time for a "dronie!") Left to right: Doug Russell (shooting behind-the-scenes footage on his iPhone), Trevor Bennett, and Jack Tunnicliffe.

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