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"Feeling Good" with Tourism Saskatchewan

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Java Post Production is pleased to have completed production on two new commercials for Tourism Saskatchewan.

Currently hitting the airwaves and internet in Alberta and Saskatchewan and entitled "Family" and "Road Trip", the spots feature (respectively) a young family and a group of young adults heading off to enjoy the beauty and activities that Saskatchewan has to offer.

From a production perspective, the challenge for us was shooting scenes of the family and friends in the middle of a snowy Saskatchewan March, but make it look like the weather was warm and sunny. This was particularly challenging during the driving shots. A previous posting from March 28th gives you a good idea of the winter weather we faced during the shoot.

At one point, thought was given to shooting all the vehicle shots inside a green-screen studio, then adding in the environment in post. However, it was decided to shoot all the vehicle shots "au naturel," so to speak.

No, that's not code for "naked," although that would certainly make for an interesting tourism campaign.

Through judicious framing, exposure, colour correction and lighting filters, the shots of the family and the group of friends were blended with previously-shot footage, which was also colour-corrected to enhance the warm, summery look. The high-end exposure range of our Blackmagic Cinema camera also helped by giving lots of lattitude when dealing with exteriors seen through various windows.

Edited to the catchy sounds of "Feeling Good" by Saskatoon's own Sheepdogs, the finished campaign is lively, fun and inviting. And not a trace of blizzard to be found.

Final score: Java Post Production and Tourism Saskatchewan 1 - winter blizzard 0.

Director: Rob King; Agency: Phoenix Group



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