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Don't look behind you, Jack, but...


...there's a whole bunch of students from the University of Regina in your office! (We sense a loud yell and a startled coffee spill coming in the next few moments.)

Led by Brian Stockton (below, foreground left), groups of Film 301 students from the U. of R. have been touring the Java Post Production offices over the past couple of days to get a glimpse at a potential future career for them.

Alas, it's not all red carpet premieres and champagne award-show parties. That's typically only every second Tuesday. The rest of the time we actually work for a living. But the dress code is pretty relaxed (pants recommended) and it's fun.

Our thanks to Brian Stockton and the University of Regina for letting Java Post Production be their field-trip destination. We assume the fire hall was busy and the miniature golf place was booked.

In our A Suite, Java Post editor Doug Russell (left) shows a group of students some of his recent editing projects. With the students taking up all the available chairs, it's standing room only for Brian.

Here we see Java Post animator Tomás Ibar (right) engaged in....wait for "animated" discussion with a U. of R. film student. Oh, we slay us, sometimes.

Back in Jack's office, a lively question and answer session appears to be taking place. Or maybe that student is just warning Jack to watch out behind him. Which is how this whole post got started.

Thanks again to the University of Regina Film 301 students for coming to visit us. We enjoyed talking with you and answering your questions. Maybe you'll be working with us someday.

And, if that happens, remember: rookies bring the donuts.

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