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Doing aerial photography the old-fashioned way: from a plane.

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The Java Post Aerial Photography crew recently shot some aerial footage the old-fashioned way: from an airplane.

Jack Tunnicliffe and Trevor Bennett set down their UAV/drone controllers and hopped aboard a Cesna in order to fly higher than the clouds, something that would illegal to do with a UAV, as Transport Canada regulations limit the ceiling of UAV flights to no higher than 90 metres (approximately 300 feet) above ground level. Because of our hundreds of UAV flight hours, Java Post is Transport Canada certified to fly up to 400 feet above ground level during the day, and 300 feet during night flights.

However, for the heights required to get these shots, we needed a Cesna to be the wind beneath our wings. And, also, to be our wings. 

To see some of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.

Here's Jack, all set to board the Cesna with our DJI Osmo unit and X5R 4K RAW camera.

The forward view out of the Cesna cockpit.

Jack (foreground) and Trevor look like well-seasoned fighter pilots in their glasses and headsets. But, instead of being at the flight controls,  this time they're just along for the ride. When they get to the proper altitude, Jack will open up the window, extend the camera unit, and take the shots we need. And Trevor will...well, I think Trevor is just going to sit in the back and wait for the flight attendant to come around with the beverage cart.

A view out the side window of the Cesna, prior to opening the window and extending the camera.

And here are a couple of still images taken from the footage we shot while cloud-hopping.

What a gorgeous view!

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