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Creating a 3D animated smile for "Doowett."

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In this short behind-the-scenes iPhone video, we see Java Post Production animator Tomás Ibar working on a 3D element for the Rogers/CityTV children's program Doowett.

Created by Regina, Saskatchewan's own Adrian Dean (the brother of horror/comedy WOLFCOP director Lowell Dean - how's THAT for creative diversity within a family?), Doowett is a preschool animated series about discovery, cooperation, and music. It is usually animated in a 2D style, but Java Post Production was asked to create some special 3D animation elements for the show.

Tomás working on the 3D version of the Doowett character.

In his usual 2D environment, Doowett's mouth is quite expressive, sliding back and forth across his face a lot. Tomás had to replicate those motions in the new 3D model.

And here you can see Doowett in his usual 2D appearance. You can watch Doowett and his friends on Rogers/CityTV or online at To see more examples of animation and GFX done by Java Post Production, CLICK HERE.

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