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Come to the Java Post boardroom! There's cake!

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It was cake day this past Monday at Java Post Production, as we gathered in the boardroom to celebrate the April birthdays of two of our staff: Kevin Drysdale and Tomás Ibar.

As is long-standing Java Post custom, each birthday celebrant gets to pick what kind of cake (or, in some cases, pie) they want. The trade-off is that they have to cut and serve it up for the rest of the staff.

And, since we were celebrating two staff member birthdays this month, there were two different cakes to be consumed. Yes, it can be a tough life, here at Java Post Production.

Pictured clockwise above from left, birthday boys Tomás Ibar and Kevin Drysdale, along with Jack Tunnicliffe, Trevor Bennett, Gord King, Randy Shumay, and Crystal Van Pelt (facing away from camera) gather at the Java Post logo table for cake. Best excuse for a boardroom meeting ever!

The official cutting of the cakes commences. Tomás, standing, digs into his cake while, in the background, Joan Speirs appears to hide her face from the camera (it's that pesky witness protection thing) and Crystal texts all her friends "We're having cake! #SugarRush"

Tomás' choice of confection was a mango cheese cake topped with slices of mango. Since Tomás is originally from Chile, the man knows his mangos.

Not to be outdone (outcaked?) Kevin - wielding a suspiciously overkill-style knife - went with his favourite: the Black Forest layer cake, smothered in cherries, whipped cream, and powdered cocoa. Spoiler Alert: Black Forest cake tastes nothing like a forest.

Unless, of course, your local forest is smothered in cherries, whipped cream, and powdered cocoa. In which case, we all want to know where this forest is located and what are the camping fees?

Jack keeps a watchful eye on Kevin's cake cutting quality. When you work in a business that does a lot of editing, quality "cutting" is very important.

Two staff birthdays coming up next month! I think we hire based on birth dates, just so we can have cake every month. :)


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