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Colouring eggs at the Java Post office.

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In anticipation of the upcoming Easter weekend...and because we had a couple of dozen eggs laying around that needed using up...the Java Post Production crew decided to have an egg colouring session.

We were "dying" to do it.

It was "egg-citing" for all, and that's no "yolk." 

(Okay, we're done with the egg-related puns.)

Eggs, check. Coloured dyes, check. Paper towels to clean up the inevitable mess we're going to make when this devolves into a food fight, check.

Maureen and Tomás get things started. I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do with all the eggs once they're dyed. Perhaps we can reenact the classic Paul Newman egg-eating scene from Cool Hand Luke.

Dye, eggs, dye!

Jack (foreground) joins Maureen and Tomás at the colouring table.

Tomás shows some spectacular spoon-handling skills. You should see him with soup. It's breathtaking.

Crystal (left) and Kristine get in on the action, while Jack goes for the double-dip.

I assume the next Java Post Production staff meeting will have an "egg salad making" theme.

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