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Brace yourself! Randy's trying a new camera rig.

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No, Java Post Production staffer Randy Shumay wasn't involved in some horrific, back-breaking extreme sports accident, he's just strapped into a EasyRig Cinema 3 (courtesy of our pal, George Hupka at Downstream Pictures) for a shooting gig this weekend.

With a RED Epic camera mounted on our DJI Ronin handheld stabilizing gimbal, Randy will be doing some camerawork for a Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) project, which is being directed by our friend Chris Triffo at Gyro Productions.

The added bonus of using the back-mounted EasyRig unit is that, not only does it take the weight of the Ronin/RED combo off Randy's forearms, it also keeps his posture straight.

Which is perfect for Randy because he's no slouch.

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