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Behind-The-Scenes with SaskTel, Java Post, and MGM Communications - Part 2

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This is part two of our behind-the-scenes look at this fun, colourful commercial for SaskTel, which was produced by Java Post Production, working with director Stephen Hall and the creative team from MGM Communications.

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Special thanks to Geoffrey Park for some additional behind-the-scenes photos.

Director Stephen Hall (left) and MGM Communications Creative Director Kati Phillips confer as the set is decorated for the next scene.

The sec decorating crew works to assemble a very clever fake fire-pit for the "camping/mosquitoes" scene.

And, of course, while they assemble the fire-pit, the rest of the crew waits and watches. No pressure at all.

And we have fake fire! The electrical cables you see in the top-centre of the photo will be electronically painted out in post-production.

Shooting proceeds on the "camping/mosquitoes" scene, under the watchful eyes of the director, advertising agency, and client.

In a shot not used in the final commercial, actor Laura Abramsen gets close to the camera. As in many productions, more (sometimes MUCH more) is recorded than is ever used in the finished project. This particular shot, while looking quite good, didn't make it into the final commercial.

Switching from our yellow set over to our pink set, the crew prepares to shoot our "brain freeze" scene.

Once again, all the furniture and props (bench, plants, bicycle, etc.) have been painted to match our pink set. There's no "Pink Set Decorating Store" we could go to to rent this stuff. We had to buy it all and paint it.

Our sound man, John Bjerke (right), stands ready to roll and record.

For the "contract" scene, the camera is positioned at a high angle to look down on the desktop. We will only see the arms and hands of our two actors in this shot, so we hope they didn't spend too much time on their hair and makeup.

Here is a lower-angle view of our two actors, with our director, Stephen, in the background.

And that's a wrap! Left to right, Ira Aikman (set dec), Dan Crozier (set dec), Carolyn Harris (art director), Stephen Hall (director), Kati Phillips (agency creative director), and Geoffrey Park (set dec/locations) pose on our "camping/mosquitoes" set.

Client: SaskTel
Agency: MGM Communications Producers
Production Company: Java Post Production
Producer: Randy Shumay
Producer/PM: Dana Lesiuk
Director: Stephen Hall
DOP: Mark Dobrescu
Editor: Doug Russell
GFX: Tomás Ibar
Colourist: Jack Tunnicliffe
Gaffer: Peter LaRocque
Art Director: Carolyn Harris
Set Dec: Dan Crozier, Ira Aikman
Set Dec/Locations: Geoffrey Park
Wardrobe: Joanna Vollhoffer
Hair/Makeup: Krista Stevenson
Audio: John Bjerke
Music: Factor Chandelier
Audio Post: Twisted Pair

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