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Behind the scenes with Java Post Production on Trade and Export Development Prairie Malt Sapporo

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Check out some behind-the-scenes images of the Java Post Production crew as they shoot a recent video for the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development, showcasing the international relationship between Prairie Malt - Boortmalt Group of Saskatchewan and Sapporo Breweries in Japan.

All behind-the-scenes photos were taken by Java Post Production office manager Kat Tait.

Client: Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development
Featured Businesses: Sapporo Breweries, Prairie Malt - Boortmalt Group
Agency: lmno
Director: Stephen Hall
Producer/Camera: Randy Shumay
Production Manager: Alexa Lawlor
Field Producer: Kat Tait
DP/Drone Pilot: Jack Tunnicliffe
1st Camera Assist/Drone Camera Op: Kristine Dowler
Location Sound: Randy Woods
Hair/MU: Holly Decker
Editor: Doug Russell
Colourist: Jack Tunnicliffe
Audio Mix: Twisted Pair

Road trip! With Java Post Production producer/camera person Randy Shumay behind the wheel, the crew hits the road heading to the Prairie Malt - Boortmalt Group plant in Biggar, Saskatchewan.

"Java Jack" Tunnicliffe arrives on location.

Prairie Malt provides malted barley products for brewers around the world, such as Sapporo Breweries in Japan.

Randy and Stephen Norgate (Director of International Engagement for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture) enjoy a truck-side talk before the shoot gets underway.

Drone pilot Jack does the standard (but somewhat silly looking) "drone dance," moving the drone in a series of circles to confirm multiple navigation satellite links, prior to launch.

During flight, Jack (left) keeps his eyes on the drone while camera operator Kristine Dowler (centre) controls the on-board camera and director Stephen Hall (right) looks on.

Jack brings the drone in for a landing.

Java Post Production office manager (and behind-the-scenes photographer) Kat Tait grabs a selfie at our second location - a huge field of barley, ready for harvest.

Jack (far right) and Stephen interview Dale Wylie, a local farmer who supplies barley to Prairie Malt.

Jack and Kristine grab some aerial footage of a combine harvester in action. You can see the drone in the upper right of the photograph.

The "drone's eye view" in the monitor of Kristine's remote control unit.

Randy Shumay from Java Post Production...a man outstanding in his field.

After a day of hot sunshine and barley dust, it seems appropriate for the crew to wind down with some refreshing, ice-cold Sapporo beer, made with barley grown right here in Saskatchewan.

Stephen, Jack, and Randy are happy to join in this shameless product placement plug.

Next, the crew sets up for an interview with Aaron Beattie (left), a barley breeder at the University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre.

Moving back outdoors for our next location, we see from left to right Ryan Mack (Senior Account Manager with advertising agency lmno), Ashley Young (Director of Marketing for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development), and Francois Biber (Marketing Consultant for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development).

Randy preps a light for the next interview set-up.

Kristine gets the slate (AKA "the clapper thingy") ready.

Hair and makeup artist Holly Decker (left) gives Rina Makimoto (barley breeder for Sapporo Breweries, Japan) a final touch-up before she begins her interview.

Left to right, Glen Morgan (Senior Writer), Ryan Mack, and Stephen Norgate watch the progress.

When you're watching an interview in the middle of a barley field in Saskatchewan, sometimes the best place to be is on the back of a pick-up truck.

Something to watch out for on the prairies is the sneaky "barley camera guy" (AKA Randy), who will just pop out of the crop to take your photo. But Rina and David Klinger (North American Commercial Manager for Prairie Malt - Boortmalt Group) don't seem frightened.

Shoot done, it's time to wrap and head back to Java Post Production. Pictured left to right: "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe, Randy Shumay, Stephen Hall, Kat Tait, and Katrina Finke (Producer).

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