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Behind the scenes with Java Post Aerial Photography on Regina Public School construction sites.

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Over the past months, the Java Post Aerial Photography crew has been working on a project for Regina Public School Board, documenting the on-going construction of five new public schools in Regina, Saskatchewan.

On each flight around the five construction sites, we did two passes with two different aerial photography rigs. We did one pass with a "regular" 4K UHD camera rig, and a second pass with a virtual reality "VR" camera rig, consisting of six GoPro cameras - five shooting horizontally and one shooting straight down. In post production, footage from the six separate cameras will be seamed together to create the virtual reality image.

To see an example of how footage from this six-camera cluster looks when it's seamed together by the virtual reality experts at Talking Dog Studios, just CLICK HERE.

NOTE: Copy and paste the link into Firefox or Chrome to get the full 360-degree effect. The 360-degree view does not work in Safari. Then scroll your mouse all around the image to enjoy a 360-degree virtual reality view.

To view more examples of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.


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