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Behind-The-Scenes Java Post Aerial Photography Adventure for Netflix "A Secret Love."

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Here is a quick behind-the-scenes video of the Java Post Aerial Photography crew landing the drone during the shooting of the Netflix documentary "A Secret Love."

But, as Java Post drone pilot, Jack Tunnicliffe, explains, there was more adventure attached to this aerial photography project:

"We arrived on location to a broken-down motor home that had to get lifted onto a huge flatbed truck to be serviced in Weyburn, so we could shoot travelling shots with it the next day. We shot near Melaval, Saskatchewan. Everyone thinks that’s Melville spelled incorrectly but it’s not. Now just a ghost town, Melaval is where Terry Donahue's family farm was located. Terry is one of the women featured in the documentary.

That night we stayed in Assiniboia and went for a beer at the local pub. We introduced the director, the director of photography, and the crew to Saskatchewan-brewed Rebellion Lentil beer. They absolutely loved it and ordered several rounds. How many more rounds, we’re not telling. They were really great people to work with. The next day we did the aerial shots of the repaired motor home and chased down grain elevators. You know, the usual things you do when shooting aerials in Saskatchewan."

The Java Post Aerial Photography DJI Inspire 2 drone comes in for a landing after shooting near the prairie ghost town of Melaval, Saskatchewan.

Drone pilot Jack Tunnicliffe (left) and camera operator Trevor Bennett bring the drone in for a landing.

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