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Before the cult horror film "WolfCop," there was a scary furnace for SaskEnergy.

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Because even the directors of instant horror/comedy feature film cult classics need to earn a living and pay the bills, here are a couple of SaskEnergy commercials - "Birthday Boy" and "Listen Up" - produced by Java Post and directed by "WolfCop" writer/director Lowell Dean, seen below centre on the "WolfCop" movie set.

Although these commercials are just airing now, Lowell directed these for us months ago, prior to starting his work on "WolfCop".

Java Post Production handled all the offline and online editing, colour correction, and the wire removal for the flying furnace filter in the "Listen Up" spot. Yes, that was an old school film effect. Just some fishing line attached to the furnace filter, used to pull the filter across the room, and then the fishing line was digitally erased afterwards.

The agency was MGM Communications and the Director of Photography was Layton Burton.

You know, since these commercials were directed by the man who brought you "WolfCop," maybe there's a big, hairy werewolf hiding behind the furnace?

Nope, that's just props master Jay Robertson. But it's an easy mistake to make. 

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