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As winter drones on, Java Post Aerial Photography takes flight indoors at the Soundstage.

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Java Post Aerial Photography is based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and winters here can get cold. Like, "feels like -45C with wind-chill" kind of cold. So, when our crew wants to get in some flight practice and do some training - without freezing their faces off and turning the drone into a lump of ice - they head indoors to the Creative Saskatchewan Soundstage.

The huge indoor spaces at the Creative Saskatchewan Soundstage give the Java Post Aerial Photography team room to maneuver.

While certainly warmer than flying outdoors, flying indoors presents a couple of challenges that will keep our pilot on his toes. Outdoors, the DJI Inspire 2 drone pictured here makes use of continuous signals from several global positioning satellites to aid in flight stability. Indoors, obviously, those signals can't reach the drone so our pilot has to fly the unit completely manually.

Further, the DJI Inspire 2 uses an ultrasonic sensor in combination with a forward and downward vision system to help maintain an stable altitude while in motion. However, the flat, almost featureless grey painted floor of the soundstage doesn't give the vision system anything to "grab", which puts flight stability directly back in the hands (and experience) of the pilot.

Our Java Post Aerial Photography pilot, Jack Tunnicliffe, has more than 700+ flying hours under his belt, so he can handle the extra challenges of indoor flight.

Jack (left) trains Java staffer Kristine Dowler on the operation of the drone's camera, expanding on the many skills Kristine already brings to Java Post projects.

Coming in for a landing!

Kristine and Jack review some camera settings on the drone control panel.

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