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APEGS gets the Java Post Production treatment.

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The producers of this branding commercial for the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) came to Java Post Production looking for the final elements to make the spot come to life.

Java Post Production did all the graphics, motion-tracking each separate graphic element in every shot, and also did colour-correction for the spot, giving the commercial the unique, stylized colouration that the producer desired.

Here's a little "movie-magic" tidbit: In the final live action shot, just before we see the full-screen APEGS graphics, the camera pulls back from the boardroom scene and out through the window of the building. Well, that shot of the building is actually just a high resolution still photo. Java Post Production seamlessly combined the still image with the shot of the boardroom, creating the illusion of the camera moving out through the window.

The agency was the Phoenix Group and the producer was Gyro Productions.

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